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  • Intellect Logic Softwares : Solutions Of CRM Industry
  • Intellect Logic Softwares : Solutions Of CRM Industry
  • Intellect Logic Softwares : Solutions Of CRM Industry
  • Intellect Logic Softwares : Solutions Of CRM Industry

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Know your customer better and be ahead in the race.

Turn opportunities into success by satisfying your customers.

Improve customer response time without incurring addition costs.

XCEED CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system developed in house by Intellect Logic.

In every company / organization managing customer relationships effectively is always a tough task. Companies of even of small and large scale find it difficult to keep track of the phases from identifying a customer to closing a sale, and retaining the customer.

You can Grow your business by Building, Maintaining & Strengthening your Customer Relationships.

If you are like most business you track your sales and marketing business information in a lot of different places, by finding a information from emails, spreadsheets and presentations can take lot of valuable time and you may not find the information you need when you need it.

XCEED CRM will help you maintain customer interactions with effective tools, which in turn results in high performance sales and marketing activities.

XCEED CRM is a Cloud based CRM application, which is ease to use and implement. By saying its a Cloud based application it extends all the benefits of Cloud based applications such as Multi-tenant architecture, high security, pay per use, free upgrades and maintenance, 24 x 7 availability and as its on Cloud all you need to use it is a internet connection and web browser either on your computer or mobile device just like using GMAIL or HOTMAIL.

Manage information about the most important asset of your organization that is your customer. Customer Relationship Management system is all about knowing your customer better and keeping every information about existing as well as potential clients.It's a business strategy used to manage customer relationships in an organized way.

XCEED CRM is a centralized place where you can track all your sales and marketing related activities from your contacts, leads, accounts, potentials, quotations, call logs etc.

XCEED CRM provides all the features of a modern CRM application but is designined for smaller and medium organizations so its much ease to use,

we have build the processes after extensive research of customer needs and behaviours. So even 1st time users will also not find anything difficult while using our system and that is the key differentiator for us.

XCEED CRM is SaaS based application so you alway pay for what you use , you don't need to put in place your IT team for managing the software or hardware. We take care of system updates, hardware maintenance to give you more time to focus on your core business.

XCEED CRM is designed for environments where small and large teams can collaborate easily, to make it ease we have designed this application with three user types such as Super Admin, Manager and Executive. We have encapsulated some of the functionality from Manager and Executive as Subscription details and financial transaction history etc.

All these three user types have different functionalities, every system will have only one Super Admin and other users can be managed by this user.

Executive of the system can perform every required task in tracking sales and marketing initiatives and Manager can always be updated with his team's performance as different managers will have their own executives under them.

There is no restriction on creation of number of Managers and Executives as long as you have user quota allocated by XCEED CRM.

Detailed user wise functionality is mentioned below.

Super Admin :

  • User creation and management
  • Master entries management
  • Subscription renewal
  • Transacon history and Invoicing

Manager :

  • Contact management
  • Lead management
  • Account management
  • Potential management
  • Campaign management
  • Call management
  • Appointment management
  • Information dashboards
  • Reports
  • Team management
  • Consolidated team view

Executive :

  • Contact management
  • Lead management
  • Account management
  • Potential management
  • Call management
  • Appointment management
  • Information dashboards
  • Reports



1. No need of huge upfront Hardware and Software cost

2. No need to wait for days, months and years to implementation

3. No need for maintenance (Software and Hardware)

4. No need to pay for future upgrades

5. No need to do multiple deployments at different locations.


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