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Intellect Logic's Big Data Service helps you to Leverage the power of the data you accumulate through different business operations.


Data has grown exponentially in past few years and its even growing fast than ever, Managing this ever increasing data and harnessing it for business insights and value has become a challenge.

Big Data is not only about the size of data but it gives new opportunities to find new and valueable insights from varied data sources like machine information, social media, enterprise applications etc.

Intellect Logic can help you to choose the best way to adopt Big Data technology.

We can offer following Big Data services.

1. Big Data management

2. Big Data strategy definition

3.Big Data infrastructure setup

4.Big Data Corporate Training

5.Bid Data Staffing

6.Application development and migration

7. Big Data Technology and Business use case identification


Our comprehensive and in-depth training for professionals, course details are as follows

  • Introduction to BigData and Hadoop
    • Emergence of Big Data era
  • Problem with Traditional large scale system
    • Requirement for New Approach
    • What is BigData
    • A Brief History of Hadoop MapReduce
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Hadoop ecosystem components
    • Hadoop Distributions
    • Cloudera Distribution for hadoop (CDH)
    • Hadoop System Principles
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
    • Assumptions and Goals
    • HDFS Concepts: Blocks, Replicas,Namenode, Datanode
    • HDFS Architecture
    • HDFS HA(High Availability)
    • Writing and Reading Files
    • Start-up process
    • Checkpoint process
    • Namenode memory concern
    • Namenode’s fault tolerance
  • Map Reduce
    • MapReduce Concept
    • Features of MapReduce
    • MapReduce Daemons
      • JobTracker
      • TaskTracker
    • MapReduce Architecture
    • MapReduce Data Flow
      • Map-sort-partition
      • Shuffle-merge-reduce
    • Applications
    • Failure Recovery
    • Examples of MapReduce
  • Writing MapReduce Application
    • Setup Development Environment
    • Basic MapReduce API
    • Writing MapReduce Drivers, Mappers and Reduces in Java
    • Job Configuration and Submission
    • Use of Combiners
    • LAB sessions
  • Advance Concepts and Programming Tips
    • Serialization (Avro) and different InputFormats
    • Writing custom InputFormat
    • Writing custom partitioner
    • Chaining MapReduce Jobs
    • Distributed Cache
    • LAB sessions
  • Hadoop Streaming
    • Streaming Concept
    • Streaming API
  • Solving complex problems with Hadoop
    • Sorting, secondary sort
    • Calculating TF-IDF
    • Joins – Map side and Reduce Side Joins
    • Map Reduce Design Patterns
    • LAB sessions
  • MapReduce design patterns
    • Summarization patterns
    • Filtering patterns
    • Data Organization patterns
    • Join patterns
    • Meta patterns
  • PIG
    • Running Pig programs
    • Pig Latin language
    • PIG UDF
    • Examples
    • LAB sessions
  • Hive
    • Running Hive
    • Comparison with traditional databases
    • Hive QL Commands
    • Tables and Queries
    • Writing UDF
    • LAB sessions
    • Comparison with other SQL Databases
    • Architecture
    • Data Model, Schema Design
    • Inserting and Querying Data using HBase
    • LAB sessions
  • Introduction to other projects related to Big Data Processing
    • Apache storm for real time data processing
    • Flume - to process log data
    • Oozie – Design your workflow.

Training Program Benefits

  • India's most comprehensive training for Big Data technology
  • Complete job oriented program
  • Work experience on Live projects
  • Cutting edge technology training by industry experts
  • Global Technology certification assistance
  • Onsight job opportunities with Intellect Logic

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