Car Dealer Mobile Application Development Features

Automobile Dealer Mobile Application development services on IOS, Android and Windows Mobile Platform

Customer Profile :

Customer profile lets you to create your own profile after downloading and installing the app for using further features like forms.

Quick Contact Forms For :

1. Service Booking             2. Insurance Renewal
3. AMC Renewal                 4. Car Exchange
5. New Car Quotation        6. Car Finance

Offers :

Customer can get best offers on car provided by dealer

Used Car Inventory :

Updated through admin panel. Customers can view car history and much more.

Accessories :

This feature provides way for dealer to keep customers engaged with accessories they are planning to buy for their vehicle

Tips and Notifications :

Dealers can stay connected to customers through push notifications and tips

Hotline Service :

Quick call to dealership departments will save time and can have direct contact

Locate dealer :

Customers can locate their dealer's nearest location on map using GPS.

Break down assistance :

Just a single touch and customer can get assistance in case of breakdown by the dealer.

Social media linking :

Customer can share, like the updates on facebook and they can also follow the dealer on twitter and can join through linkedin.